Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Great Big Clifford Sized Thank-You!!

What a wonderful night of holiday fun and community spirit!!

We had a great turnout and lots of fun!!

  • Thank-you to all attendees (and their supporters at home),
  • Thank-you to all of our amazing volunteers,
  • Thank-you to CLIFFORD!!
  • ... and a HUGE thank-you to Pinecrest Chapters for all of the support (e.g. raffle gift certificates, amazing staff support and FOR HOSTING such a fun night for us!!).

 (Someone spots Clifford from a distance)

 (Clifford was a bit shy at first, but so sweet to the little gaffers)

 (Clifford took a shining to this little dude, who followed him around... like a puppy)

(Inspired to capture Clifford's likeness)

("I want a snowman with feet please")

 Cheers all and be merry!!

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