Monday, April 25, 2016

Song and Story Fest - Storybook Character Parade

2016 Song & Story Fest May, 14th - Fourth Activity of the Day 

12:00am - Storybook Character Parade 

Calling All Characters! 


Join us in a fun filled parade through beautiful Carlington!

Dress like your favourite storybook villain, hero, or party animal and get into character with the help of our...

 Carlington Community Arts Initiative, Drama Rep., Maggie Buttrum and W.E. Gowling Parent, Rebecca Pitt! 

What will happen? Improv, group chants, noise making and prizes for the most amazing costumes (or floats!)!

Get creative!

Let's show our neighbourhood the true power of reading, W.E. Gowling Style! 

Parade starts at the school and will loop back to the school at the end.  Parent supervision/participation would be ideal :o)

If you have spare costumes please bring them to share (we will have spares as well). 

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