Saturday, May 14, 2016

Many More Thank Yous!

W.E. are the lucky ones... to have a great Gowling day,  like today!!

Thank you to Allllll of our many AMAZING W.E. Gowling parent council volunteers that made this fun day possible! It was a lot of work and it really paid off!

Thank you to our performers and workshop leads: 
Jo Rioux, Kalli Dakos, Maggie Buttrum, Rebecca Pitt, Moira Teed and Jacqui Du Toit - and Dennis on drums!

inspired by Jo!!

Thank you to all of the school staff! Our teachers, VP and Principal for spreading the word and being supports...and a HUGE thank you to our custodial staff for your positive energy and hard work!!

Until Next Time!

Love your community, love your neighbours, love your schools and love your kids!

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