Saturday, November 5, 2016

NO WAY!?! Go Gowling Go!!!

Well, look who surpassed yet another fundraising goal... 


Shall we now aim for $2000 in magazine sales folks?!?

Let's go for it!!!

We're hoping to make $2000 this year to support the revitalization of our playground and schoolyard, and to purchase tools and equipment for our students. It's a great fundraiser offering not only a wide variety of  magazines at discount prizes but also plant bulbs, gift wrap, food items, jewelry and much more!

How can you support W.E. Gowling through this campaign?

1.     Go to 
2.     Click on Shop and enter the group ID 3902897
3.     Enter first & last name for your favorite Gowling student and his/her teacher's last name.
4.     Spread the word and shop till you drop!

Thank you for your support!!

The campaign goes until November 14.

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