Thursday, October 6, 2016

2 Days Left!!!



788 books and counting folks!!! 

We are now even closer to our newest goal of ....


...and we still have two days left!!  

How can we take our goal to the next level?

Join us at the upcoming....

What: A party for W.E. Gowling and the general public, to celebrate the end of our epic 2016 campaign! 

- Face painting and activities galore! Don't forget to wear your pajamas!!

When: Sunday, Oct. 9th at 7pm

Where: Pinecrest Chapters (near Ikea)

Cost: Free admission - Please consider donating to our Adopt a School Fund :o)

Don't forget to invite everyone you know!


Looking for other ways to help?

1) Spread the word! Tell your friends that Pinecrest Chapters is accepting donations with every in-store purchase and share our links with your friends online! 

2) Go Online! Buy a book (or two, or three, or four...) for W.E. Gowling online - They take no percentage.  It all goes to our library! 


3) Go Online AGAIN!! Write a brief story online (using their drop down cues) and let the world know why W.E. Gowling loves to read. 


Please try to thank those who have taken the time to donate books and/or write stories for W.E. Gowling.  You can do this, by clicking on the hearts beside their donations (see example below). The heart will turn red once you have clicked on it.  It's like a virtual warm hug! Give it a try!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

- Your Parent/School Council.

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