Sunday, October 2, 2016

That party was out of this world!!! THANK YOU PINECREST CHAPTERS!

 Pincrest Chapters rocked our world yesterday!! 

The generosity and positive energy they sent toward W.E. Gowling was like the strongest of all tractor beams!! 

Face paint, mask making, colouring, games, story time... and STORM TROOPERS!!

 The force is strong with these ones!

 "Stormie" shopping for something fancy

Looks good on him

 "Stormie" likes this guy's shirt! 


The tally will be in on monday, but judging by those happy faces... it was a huge hit!!

At the moment we have received 556/700 books... and we recently earned 5 free books for a Facebook "like" campaign!

Looking for ways to help?

1) Spread the word! Tell your friends that Pinecrest Chapters is accepting donations with every in-store purchase and share our links with your friends online! 

2) Go Online! Buy a book (or two, or three, or four...) for W.E. Gowling online - They take no percentage.  It all goes to our library! 


3) Go Online AGAIN!! Write a brief story online (using their drop down cues) and highlight what reading means to you! 


Please try to thank those who have taken the time to donate books and/or write stories for W.E. Gowling.  You can do this, by clicking on the hearts beside their donations (see example below). The heart will turn red once you have clicked on it.  It's like a virtual warm hug! Give it a try!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

- Your Parent/School Council.

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