Thursday, October 1, 2015

44 Days part 2: Custom Crafts

Today is a special day.  With more vendors than we have in count down days, you'll be getting a few days with double the vendor awesomeness.  Check out our 2nd vendor review for today while you eagerly await the Gowling Christmas & Holiday Craft Show on November 14th (250 Anna Ave.).

Custom Crafts

Since 2010, David has created unique, one of a kind, wood pieces under the name of Custom Crafts. In addition to restoring family heirlooms and meeting custom requests, David creates practical items and toys as well as decorative pieces from a variety of woods. Each year David adds something new to his offering as he explores new ways to make useful yet attractive items from wood. To date his most popular item has been the “cake tester”. Each one is unique, attractive and practical in any kitchen. David is a local Carlington artisan. You can check out all David’s creations at

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