Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chapters Adopt a School Campaign

W.E. Gowling is moving up the ranks and we are going to push for the WIN! 

Please vote here: 

Need reasons to vote? 

1) Our school has real needs - We are ranked as #8 regarding socio-economic need among the 114 primary schools in our school board (#10 among all 175 primary and secondary schools in the school board). -- data from the Ottawa Education Foundation.

2) Unlike many schools in the top ten list for Ontario, we have no corporate partner supporting our adopt a school campaign - We are purely driven by community support!

3) Our kids are so hungry for these books! They are hearing updates about this campaign daily during school anouncements and they are incredibly excited about our ongoing success - REALLY they are nearly busting at the seams! 

4) Because you can and it's free. One click a day is all it takes and it makes a huge difference in our school!

Thanks so much for your ongoing support!!

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