Saturday, October 10, 2015

The "WE" in W.E. Gowling

As we near the final hours of our Adopt a School Campaign (polls close 11:59pm)...

Let's reflect on the lessons we have learned from this experience:

W.E.  saw and felt, true community support.

W.E. were shocked and amazed at HOW MUCH support there was!

W.E. strengthened partnerships and established new ones.

W.E. showed Ontario what W.E. Gowling is made of (5th place among nearly 300 schools!?).

W.E. highlighted library resources and literacy - during a time of "political landscaping".

W.E. worked together to provide for our children, grandchildren and future children.

W.E. put the "WE" back into W.E. Gowling!

It truly takes a village to raise a child... and we thank you, W.E. Gowling Village!

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