Sunday, October 18, 2015

Kanata Grandmothers Together - Holiday Craft Show Vendor Review

We are pleased to announce that Kanata Grandmothers Together will selling be selling tote bags at the Gowling Holiday Craft Show to support the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign: are hand made by members of the Kanata Grandmothers Together group and are very durable. They are made from plastic netting and are covered with fabric. No two are exactly the same. All the profits from the sale of the bags will go to the SLF. The bags are $35.00. Custom orders may be able to be accommodated.

African grandmothers are central to the life of their communities. With almost no support, they have stepped forward to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS, sometimes as many as ten to fifteen in one household. They display astonishing reserves of love, courage and emotional resilience, even while grieving the loss of their own adult children.

The Stephen Lewis Foundation launched the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign in March 2006, in response to the emerging crisis faced by African grandmothers as they struggled to care for millions of children orphaned by AIDS. The Campaign aims to raise awareness, build solidarity and mobilize support in Canada for Africa’s grandmothers. 

Funds from the Grandmothers Campaign go to African grassroots organizations working with grandmothers and the children in their care in partnership with the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The SLF collaborates with grassroots groups who support grandmothers’ immediate needs such as: nutritious food, health care, transportation, home visits, adequate housing and bedding, school fees, uniforms and supplies for orphans – and longer-term needs such as parenting and business skills, micro-credit grants, bereavement counseling, HIV awareness training, counseling and testing and grandmother support groups.

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